Three productions will be staged at the Mercat de les Flors during the IDN Festival, three very different shows which nonetheless share an interest in the notion of perception and research in this field.

Fruit of the work started two years ago by Pablo Palacio and Muriel Romero and co-produced by IDN 2015, Neural Narratives 2: Polytopya presents, in the words of its creators, “a scenario that becomes a laboratory for technogeneous processes and the progressive virtualization of the bodies and stream of consciousness of human beings”. Three performers working with the software designer Daniel Bising propose the “visualization of artificial neural networks, creating connections between real and imagined body parts”.

While Polytopya alludes to scientific concepts, in Gilles Jobin’s Quantum physics itself lies at the heart of the project. The show emerged from an artist residency at the largest particle physics laboratory in the world, CERN in Geneva, where Jobin met up with the German artist Julius von Bismarck. Using Von Bismarck’s lumino kinetic installation as a framework, Gilles Jobin creates a hypnotic choreography for six dancers, an ode to particle physics in an immersive soundscape.

The atmosphere created by Nicole Seiler in Shiver is disturbing. As flying particles, the light of the projector is not meant to show anything but instead confuses the eye. This choreographer has been investigating the relationship between image and sound in conjunction with technology for over 10 years. In Shiver she is inspired by horror films and invites us to spend some time questioning what we see before our eyes.

In the five IDN festivals organised so far we have been able to enjoy shows and works that link dance and movement with images often generated by the performers themselves. Aesthetically impeccable works, poetic works and complex pieces that participate in the search for possible scenarios to foster ideas and communication with the public.

This year we propose a festival in which onscreen dance plays a more important role than ever. Meticulously programmed, it presents short and medium-length dance films where body and movement are the subject.

The screenings are carefully organized into thematic sessions. Special mention should be made of the presentation and discussion of Filmar la Dansa (Filming Dance), a project that includes six joint creations involving the participation of eight choreographers, five producers, two directors of photography and eighteen performers, through which we have tried to highlight the importance of audiovisual adaptations of the shows that will ultimately become part of our cultural heritage.

Three installations will occupy different connecting spaces in the Mercat de les Flors, including Walk Me, a project directed by Maria Philippou with the participation of international artists and curators and produced as part of the European project LÉIM.

We are also organising several activities that demand your participation: an active session for the youngest public; meetings with artists at the end of the shows; and the workshop Resizing the stage space. Mapping/3D/Interactivity.

For the price of admission to the Mercat de les Flors, the participants, with the help of a group of experts, will have the opportunity to modify the perception of space, using mapped projections, simple interactive systems and 3D generated and/or stereoscopic elements generated on site out of the ideas that emerge during the course of the activity.

On Sunday afternoon, this resizing space will host the screening of four film projects in 3D format, presented by their creators and including an open debate with the audience and the attendance of many of the artists participating in this year’s festival.

This year the Mercat de les Flors is the main venue of the IDN, though the festival also offers several parallel activities organised at the Graner and other venues around the city.

Núria Font/NU2’S
Artistic direction

Organitzed by Mercat de les Flors, NU2’S
In cooperation with Departament de Cultura, Generalitat de Catalunya; Ajuntament de Barcelona.



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